Fire Damage Restoration Steps for Restoring a Property

Fire breakouts in residential and commercial properties are not uncommon. There are various reasons which might contribute to fire breakouts. Electrical wiring in the setup can be faulty, electrical appliances that are installed might cause problems, or there might be mistakes by people and that might cause a fire. Sometimes, short circuits take place due to unknown reasons and burn down properties completely. It is obvious that when a fire breaks out, the first priority is shifting your family to a safe area. Next, the fire crew should be informed so that the fire can be doused as soon as possible. After these things get settled, it is time to get the property restored. It’s good to search online for a fire restoration company near me for mitigation and restoration work.

Mentioned below are some steps which are taken by restoration companies for restoring a property burnt in a fire:

  • Boarding Up is Crucial–There are high chances that the doors, windows, and other openings in the property have been destroyed in the fire. In such a situation, boarding up any holes in the property is necessary. Along with protecting against natural elements, the boarding also helps to save the property from critters and looters alike.
  • Ensure Complete Drying Out–Water is the most common element which is used for dousing a fire. But the water can cause damage to many other items in the home or office. For this reason, the fire damage mitigation crew carries special equipment that helps in drying up residual water. As a result, there is no problem with humidity settling in the property as well. No further damage to the property takes place.
  • Emergency Soot Residue Cleaning and Deodorization–Soot residue can cause considerable damage to property along with humidity from water. Soot has highly corrosive and acidic traits and is responsible for secondary damage to the property’s surfaces. The soot needs to be cleaned immediately before more damage occurs. Fire and soot residue leave a smell behind. Using deodorization techniques help in overcoming this problem.
  • Packing Up Contents for Repair and Restoration–After finding a fire restoration company near me, it is important to pack up contents in the house or office which can be repaired and restored. If you are lucky, your insurance will cover the expenses of the repair and restoration work, and you will not have to spend a penny from your pocket.
  • Garment Restoration and Dry Cleaning–Along with furniture and other items, another thing that gets damaged in a fire is clothing. You have to wear clothes irrespective of what the situation is. Garments are drastically impacted by fire, water, and soot. It is recommended to find a suitable laundry, and send the garments for thorough cleaning. Many fire restoration companies have connections with laundries and dry cleaning services, and this is of great help.

After these steps, restoration and repair of the main structure might also be needed. This depends upon the extent of damage that has taken place in the fire. Proper cleaning of the property and contents is also highly recommended. If you need the services of a reputable fire restoration service, contact West Coast Fire & Water at 707-504-3708. We have years of experience in dealing with damage caused by fire and will be by your side through the difficult time you are facing.

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