What Is Fire Damage and How Restoration Works?

Fire is a destructive force and can cause widespread destruction. Fires can have immediate and long-lasting effects and fire-damaged buildings should be restored as quickly as possible. Timely restoration prevents further damage. If your building has been damaged in a fire, a fire restoration company in Clearlake will identify and address issues such as smoke and soot residue and structural damage to make it habitable again.

A Fire Can Affect a Property in Several Ways 

More often than not, the structural integrity of a building gets compromised after a fire. In addition to burning structures and items, a fire can leave behind soot and smoke that can stain surfaces, turning them into eyesores.

Smoke consists of several microscopic particles. If these particles penetrate the lungs, they can cause several health problems ranging from a runny nose to lung diseases. In addition, prolonged particle pollution exposure has been linked to premature death.

A fire can leave behind odors, dust, dirt, and soot, even in the areas not specifically affected by the fire. Dust and soot particles can settle on furniture, household items, and different surfaces damaging them.

Fire and water damage often go hand in hand. Fire damage can lead to a burst pipe or tank, causing water to spill over the property. Water used to control fire can damage items. Standing water can quickly become a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria and viruses. In addition, water damage, if unattended, can lead to mold growth.

How Restoration Works

Securing the Foundation and Structure and Mitigating or Reversing


The crew will assess the extent and nature of structural damage and determine what emergency repairs (common repairs may include tarping up the roof and boarding up the windows) are required.


Cleaning is an important part of any restoration process. Fire restoration companies in Clearlake use powerful pumps to remove standing water from fire-damaged buildings. Once they get rid of standing water, fire damage restoration experts use commercial equipment to dry out affected structures and areas.

Fire damage cleanup will involve removing debris, soot, and smoke. The fire damage restoration team will also clean out your carpets and upholstery to prevent further damage. Furniture and other items that are damaged beyond repair will be thrown away.


Fire can damage your paint. Your provider’s crew will scrape off the remaining paint and repair the damaged surfaces. Damaged unfinished wood will be sanded, and a sealant will be applied. There are chances that this might not work, and the damaged, unfinished wood will have to be replaced.

Renovation and Reconstruction 

The reconstruction team will renovate or rebuild damaged sections of the building.

Was your building damaged in a fire? West Coast Fire and Water can help. We understand the ins and outs of the restoration process. Our team will restore your building to its pre-event state quickly and safely. To enquire about our services, call 707-307-6927.

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