Common Causes of Flooding and Residential Water Damage

Water is rightly called the elixir of life. Life cannot be imagined without it. That said, water is also one of the most destructive forces on earth. Many homeowners do not realize this until their homes flood.

Water damage is a recipe for disaster. It can affect any property, regardless of its age. Not only can water cause serious, irreversible structural damage, but it can also create unhygienic and unsanitary conditions. Standing water can quickly become a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Unattended moisture can lead to mold growth. Studies have shown that mold can cause a number of health problems. Unsightly water stains can affect your home’s aesthetic appeal.

When it comes to water damage restoration, every second counts. If your house has been flooded, reach out to a water damage company in Ukiah for help as soon as possible.

While you wait for the water damage restoration specialist to arrive, try to find the cause of flooding. If you are successful in pinpointing the cause of flooding, you might be able to provide valuable inputs to the professional.

Here are some common causes of flooding in homes.

Damaged Pipes

Ignoring damaged, leaky pipes could prove to be a costly mistake. Even a seemingly innocuous leak can cause major damage. A leak can waste thousands of gallons of water every year. There are several causes of pipe damage, ranging from lack of maintenance to age-related deterioration.

Some common signs of damaged pipes include high water bills, unusual rumbling noises coming from the water main, poor water pressure and/or quality and weird odors. If you notice these signs, have your plumber inspect your pipes immediately.

Malfunctioning/Damaged Appliances

Household appliances that are supposed to make your life easier can also cause water damage. An improperly connected or damaged water heater or dishwasher can leak causing water to pool around surfaces and structures. A leaky appliance can also make surfaces slippery. Wet surfaces are one of the most common causes of slips and falls.

To prevent problems, maintain your appliances periodically. Make sure there is no problem with the water supply. Check your dishwasher, washing machine, dishwasher and other household appliances that use water periodically for leaks. If you notice a problem, consult a professional immediately. Use a leak detection device.

Poor Drainage

When you have improper drainage, water cannot move freely out of your home and starts damaging your walls, flooring and fixtures. Common causes of poor drainage are clogged drains, water flow problems and damaged pipes.

To prevent drainage issues, avoid flushing solid waste down your drains. Install drain guards. Have a plumbing company inspect and maintain your drainage system every year.

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