Residential and Commercial Fire Prevention

Smoke and fire damage should be remediated in all areas of an affected structure, including crawlspaces and attics.

Fire prevention is essential in our beautiful state of California. Although our state is known for its towering redwoods, beautiful coastline and lavish vineyards, it has unfortunately gained a reputation for heavy and busy fire seasons. There are several ways you can stay ahead of potential fire damage so you and your family stay safe and your home experiences minimal fire damage, if such an event occurs.

Important wildfire prevention information includes:

  1. Maintaining defensible space around your home

The defensible space is the front line protection around your home that is free of debris. Remove all dead vegetation - grass, plants, leaves and branches. Keep branches at least 10 feet from your roof and other trees.

  1. Cleaning your gutters and roof regularly

Debris gets very dry in these areas and is an absolute firestarter when not removed on a regular basis. Water can also soak into your roof through debris and cause a roof or ceiling caving.

  1. Cutting or mowing grass

Keep the length to a maximum of 4 inches. Be sure to use proper running equipment during early morning hours to minimize sparks. Never mow grass on a hot or windy day, as these conditions are a breeding ground for wildfires.

Along with the outer portions of your property being ready for anything, your home itself needs to be prepared for any type of fire damage, wildfire or otherwise. Reducing the chances of loss to your structure protects your investment and shelter, as well as limits the amount of time you may be displaced if a loss unfortunately occurs.


Take a look at the checklist below to see if your home needs any additional improvements to prevent fire damage:


Install smoke alarms in every bedroom in your home
Supervise cooking at all times
Maintain distance between your heat source and any flammable materials, such as laundry, furniture, blankets and curtains
Check electrical wiring for tears and exposure
Remove clothes dryer lint with every use
Monitor electrical devices for excessive heating and malfunctions
Do not run your heater or dryer unattended
Do not burn candles unattended
Turn off electricity to your breaker when leaving your home for at least a few days


Creating and maintaining a defensible space in and around your property can drastically increase the chances of your home surviving a fire. Making sure you have a reputable fire damage restoration company nearby is a comforting notion during this time of year. West Coast Fire & Water has handled hundreds of fire damage restoration projects in its over decade long existence. From Northern to Southern California, the West Coast to the East Valley, we have traveled near and far to provide homeowners and businesses like yours with an immediate response, thorough service and consistent communication. We understand the discomfort and confusion that comes along with a fire damaged property. Our family is here to help yours!

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