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West Coast Fire & Water is a renowned property damage restoration company in Ukiah. We have extensive experience helping distressed business owners restore their fire and water damaged properties. We also offer top-notch COVID-19 decontamination and biohazard cleanup services.

We are committed to helping businesses keep downtime to a minimum. Our pros are always prepared to go beyond the call of duty, if required, to deliver a project on time and within the budget. Our experts know the ins and outs of the property restoration process. They take precautions and preventive measures to avoid mistakes.

To speak with one of our restoration specialists, please contact us online or call (707) 307-6927 today!

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Why Choose Us As Your Restoration Partner?

At West Coast Fire & Water, we are committed to helping businesses get back to normalcy in the shortest time possible after a disaster. Every pro on our team is a subject matter expert. They use their experience and know-how to develop comprehensive decontamination plans.

We rely on time-tested methods to decontaminate properties. We equip our teams with specialized tools designed to help speed up the property restoration process. Our pros are well aware of the safety risks encountered during property remediation. They take various precautions and measures to steer clear of them.

Mold is a risk after any type of flood damage. Our mold remediation experts are trained to eliminate mold and prevent it from coming back.

Benefits of Working with Our Expert Team

  • Professional Services Throughout California
  • Experts in All Levels of Restoration - Residential & Large Commercial Work
  • The highest level of training for all of our employees
  • We work with insurance companies for quick, efficient service
  • Upfront and Competitive Pricing
  • Ready for Emergencies 24/7

Why Hire a Professional for Property Restoration?

A flood or fire can damage your property’s structural elements. Compromised structures can collapse, causing heavy damage and injuring people. Smoke and soot from a fire can affect human health.

If your property was a crime scene and someone was injured or killed on it or someone committed suicide on your property, it may have been contaminated by pathogens that are present in blood and other bodily fluids. If someone is exposed to these fluids, they might become infected with a deadly virus.

Many business owners take the DIY route to property restoration. DIY property restoration is a bad idea. One mistake and things might get worse instead of looking up.

You may think you have covered all the bases, but in reality, some hazards may still be present in your property. If you or someone else enters the property, they can become exposed to these hazards.

We offer help with all types of emergency services, including:

Property restoration experts know what it takes to restore and decontaminate properties. They use comprehensive checklists designed to help them ensure they’re clear on what they’re doing and why.

A property restoration expert knows about every hazard present in damaged or contaminated properties. A reputable professional has their clients’ best interests at heart. They do not let their clients enter their properties until they have eliminated all the hazards present in them.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any property restoration questions you might have.